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How does Celebrity Net Worth find out how much actors are paid?

As part of our ongoing series of web development techniques, today we look at celebrity net worth and how they work out what people get paid.

Celebrities earn big, but how do we know?

Celebrity Net Worth, does not in essence find out how much actors are paid, but how much they are worth. They acquire this information from a series of primary sources that indicate in one way or the other how much these actors are worth, based on their holdings, and incomes.

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As highlighted in their website, the figures attached to the celebrities are not entirely accurate, but rather estimates of their worth. This information is obtained from publicly available information about the celebrities, such as their salaries, record sales, the real estate holdings, endorsements, and royalties.

This information is also obtained from publicly available information about their divorce, because full disclosure of the total worth of the couple is necessary to determine who gets what in the settlement. 

However, at this stage, the estimates are still largely on the gross worth of the celebrities, and thus some deductions are necessary to come up with the estimated net worth.

The estimated worth of the celebrity is calculated from a formula, which deducts manager’s fees, lifestyle, agent fees’ and taxes, to come up with the net worth.